The Beginning

Hi. Hello. What’s up?

ahhh Okay, I don’t really know how to start this. Many of you may know me as @holykaleofhealth on instagram, but I am now trying out blogging so I can talk to you guys!!! This post will be pretty short, but stay tuned for more. I have a few ideas, but if you have any questions or recommendations on what to blog about let me know 🙂


If you have been following me for a little while on my instagram, you know that I love good food and all things health

BUT there’s one thing that gets mixed up, a lot.

What is “health?”

Robyn Coale over at @thereallifeRD had said it perfectly  (and is the reason why I was inspired to write this post 😉 ) “Normal eaters realize that food is fluctuating and dynamic and some days will call for more cookies than kale, more laying than moving and that’s all part of the ebb and flow of life. ” 

Health is a word that gets extremely misinterpreted. It is really sad actually how twisted “health” has become in our society.

From low calorie to paleo to “clean eating” and everything in between, health has lost it’s real meaning. I actually hate when people talk about “health” because it becomes a black hole of judgement, hate, self-loathing and thinking that we are not enough (Or, in this case, we aren’t small enough.)

Food is not good or bad. And you are not good or bad for eating something.

Food and guilt should not be hand-in-hand. FullSizeRender-3.jpg

Ice cream isn’t a sin and a detox spinach kale superfood blah blah blah smoothie doesn’t make you a health goddess.


We are real people, with real thoughts and real actions and real goals and real aspirations. We are not just bodies.

If we allow ourselves to live, our bodies will reach a certain point of comfort and there will be no worry about our weight.

So live and eat and enjoy and move on




4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Well articulated message and while I couldn’t agree more, I do wish I was able to apply said message into reality. I admit to taking what stared out as being a journey into self-care into a desire to get smaller.

    Just wanted to say kudos on the new blogging journey from an Instagram follower.

    – @ReshmiKO


    1. Yes, it is better said than done. I am actually i the midst of writing another post all about this. It is so difficult and I would be lying if I said I was perfect. There is always room to grow and love ❤ Thank you so much for being such an amazing follower
      lots of love


  2. RACH! I’m so so excited about your new blog babe – I cannot wait to see all your posts. As for this one, everything you said was SO on point…I couldn’t agree with you more. And always referencing our girl @thereallifeRD. 🙂 SO HAPPY FOR YOU BABE!


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