What I Ate Yesterday

Woke up SUPPPPPER late today and it was amazing. Being able to actually sleep until 10:00 is not normal for me, so I was too excited. Today I wasn’t has hungry as usual. I give that to the fact that I took a week off from Crossfit to give my mind and body a break. However, I did have an amazing day of eats so LETS GOOO…FullSizeRender-1.jpg

Breakfast after waking up was something quick to eat before heading to CVS and the food store with my sister. Plus, I had to eat what ever was left in my fridge because we are running low on food!

I have been craving lots of yogurt recently (especially after FNCE!) so I grabbed some blueberry 4% whole milk siggi’s yogurt, granola and an apple.

Yes, WHOLE FAT yogurt. Why? Because it’s easier on our digestive system since it’s less processed. Going straight from cow –> yogurt instead of being put through all the machines to separate the fat. Plus, it’s more satiating and tastes better- whole fat FTW. (credit: @ThereallifeRD)



Drank a few cups of coffee throughout the morning. A cup of black coffee at breakfast and then a cup when I went to the bagel store with my sister. This one I added a bit splash of almond milk with a little bit of stevia. Usually I just drink it black, but I was feeling a little something different.


Lunch at 2:30 was a chopped salad with carrots, cucumber, 1/2 avocado, chopped apple, tempeh, turmeric zoodles and cranberry balsamic vinegar. Pro tip- use kitchen scissors to chop up all the lettuce/veggies- it’s so good!

Drank a cup of teaonic tea and Live Kombucha tea. Both of these were sent to me, but I genuinely love them! Kombucha is especially my favorite. I would NEVER show something that I don’t like or accept a product that I don’t believe in.


Shortly after, I snack on two of these oatmeal cookies that I made yesterday. They are pretty good and get better as they sit in the refrigerator.


Popcorn has been my thing lately, so I snacked on this too.


Dinner wasn’t so pretty looking, but it hit the spot. A full roasted sweet potato, two fried eggs in ghee (kind of overcooked, but still pretty good) and turmeric-miso zucchini (made my normal zoodles, added turmeric, pepper, salt and I was making a pot of miso soup so I just added a few spoonfuls of broth!- Pretty good)

No dessert today which was UNLIKE me- guess I’ll have to make up today 😉

PS Be on the look out for my post about Cortisol and our health! Also, let me know what else you want me to talk/post about!



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