You Don’t Have to “Burn it Off”

**These photos are not a full day of food, just some recent eats that I found on my phone.

Today in gym class we learned how to “burn off” a the calories in pretzels. That made me REALLY angry.

For so many reasons.

Like I was literally rolling my eyes the whole time, I swear you could actually HEAR IT.

It makes you realize just how screwed up our mentality is around food. So many girls (and boys- but my gym class is all girls,) have such a twisted perception of food and this just adds fuel to the fire.
It is so misunderstood that food is not just a number. There is so much more to it than just “eating, metabolizing, repeat.” It is social, emotional AND physical. We do’t just eat to burn it of. Our bodies aren’t machines- it’s not that simple. Yes, food is fuel, but it is also delicious and fun.



We have hormones, stressors, menstrual cycles (yes, really… it can impact your nutritional needs) and just LIFE that plays a huge role in the way our bodies process food. One day we could be suppppppperrrr hungry, the next day could be a different story.

It just doesn’t make sense to place so much emphasis on ONE number of calories to eat everyday and a certain workout to “burn it off.”

Plus, this mentality is extremely detrimental to our hearts.


Our bodies are so much smarter than we think- we really don’t give them credit. If we truly listened to our bodies, we would know what to eat and when.

Whether that is kale or ice cream, both are “good*”  for you when in the right mind.

*I hate when people say food is good or bad, but you get the idea 😉



We were not put on Earth to be skinny. Our life goals shouldn’t be to look the smallest or the most “healthy” (whatever that really means…) We shouldn’t be exercising or eating to look a certain way, but to make ourselves feel good.

So eat those pretzels because they taste good and you want them. Nobody wants to spend their time overly analytical and obsessing over numbers. Because what kind of life is that?

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