What I have been doing 

Hi! Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday, relaxing and eating delicious food 🙂

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So, I know I’ve been so bad at blogging, but I promise I will try to post more. Sometimes I have posts ready and then don’t feel like they are “good enough” to publish. But, perfection is overrated and I’m going to post what comes from the heart.

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How are you all?! So, I have been really focusing on shifting my Instagram from a “health” Instagram to intuitive eating and showing life without food obsessions. I want to make my platform a place to show that health is all encompassing. It is not a diet or “clean eating.”

From @thefuckitdiet


With that being said, I have been trying to implement what I preach onto myself. So, I’ve been going through my Instagram and unfollowing any bloggers that make me judge my food/ myself.

I have actually started @immaeatthat’s seminar and so far, I’m loving it! ( I was not asked to post about it, but I truly love the program. )

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So this holiday season, surround yourself with positive Instagram, bloggers, people, etc.So, separate yourself from the pressures to get into shape and make New Years resolutions that don’t last.

Watch a movie, bake some cookies and enjoy the holiday season! ❤



2 thoughts on “What I have been doing 

  1. Merry Christmas Rachel! Honestly, unfollowing people who make you feel bad about yourself is such a good thing to do – I know that I personally get very easily affected negatively by social media when I’m in a bad place. I love that now I’m surrounding myself with awesome and positively inspiring people (like you) and it makes me feel so good 🙂

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