What’s to Come in 2017 (Blog!) 

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope tonight is filled with friends/family and lots of memories!

In this post I thought I would just let you all know what is to come from me in the next year. 
In 2017, I want to start focusing on the blog more! Instagram is a lot of fun and all, but I feel like a blog is a place where I can actually address topics and talk to you rather than just share a picture (which obviously I love too, this is just more personal and with important conversations!)

My only issue is that I don’t really know what to talk about. I have some general ideas, but that’s where it begins and ends.  

I definitely want to do some posts about intuitive/mindful eating, but other than that idea, I’m not sure what specifically I want to do. 

If any of you have something you want me to write about/a question, PLEASE do no hesitate to ask. Either in the comments or by email (holykaleofhealth@gmail.com) 

Here is a small list of what I’ve come up with/ I’ve seen on similar blogs and love!

  1. How I started intuitive/mindful eating. 
  2. What is intuitive eating, who should do it and what people get wrong. 
  3. How does exercise fit in? 
  4. Full Day of Eating
  5. Recipes (let me know what you want to see!) 
  6. A day in the life 
  7. Any post regarding food/body/”health” etc. 

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