You’re not a Sponge 

We grow up in a crazy world. Do this, don’t do that. Look like this, not like that. Spread your message, but don’t be too pushy. Have a strong voice, but only when I tell you you can. (I’m already exhausted…)

Well, I want you to know that you don’t have to absorb all the BS that you hear.

I read a post from the wonderful Kylie over at and she said something so simple, but it hit hard. “you aren’t a sponge. You don’t have to absorb all the information you hear.” Yes, this sounds simple, but when you truly put it into perspective, this statement takes on a much more profound meaning.

You are allowed to disagree, even with your own thoughts. (wait, what- bare with me!) When your having a particularly rough day and all you can obsess over is your body or food or insecurities etc, you’re allowed to gently remind yourself that what your thinking is total BS and the destructive thoughts will soon fade away. This is when to surround yourself with positive influences/people and/or practice self care instead of getting stuck in your own mind. You’re ALLOWED to acknowledge the thoughts and then just let them pass, instead of feeding into the spiral of judgement.

You’re allowed to hear a friend talk about her new ridiculous diet that cuts out any joy in life life and would totally isolate you (hi, no sugar diets!!) and realize that what she is doing does not have to effect you. You’re allowed to reject that nagging “if she’s doing it, I should too” feeling.

Realize that the diet industry pthrives on our “weakness” and insecurities. Instead of feeling ashamed for not going on a diet (not fitting into societies expectations, etc,) remind yourself of what you know is the right thing. For you and only you.

So realize you’re a human, not a sponge (haha!) Because you’re allowed to choose what you absorb.
Take these negative thoughts and learn to cope with them. There are so many different ways, but learning what works for you is most important. (I will be doing more posts on this!)

Here’s the post I referred to above:
*I am not a certified RD/ CEDRD, these are simply my thought 🙂
**photos are not mine

2 thoughts on “You’re not a Sponge 

  1. LOVE this. And the comparison to a sponge. We don’t have to absorb and listen to what everyone says and the new diet trends. We can pick and choose what we absorb. Thank you for this girly!


    1. Yes yes yes!! We are surrounded by soooo much “health” information. Other than the fact that most of is not TRUE scientific research,( only a few quick studies,) who would want to live a life of restriction?! We have to know what is healthiest for ourselves ❤️


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