Weekend in a Glance 

Hey everyone! How is your week going? I wrote this post a few weeks ago and never got the chance to post it, so I thought u would do it now! So, here we go:

This week is going to be super chill because it’s midterms week and I only have one on Wednesday. Aka Tuesday-Friday I’m off from school!! 
The last two weeks I have been extremely sick, so that means no working out (yup! And it’s completely okay 🙂 ) and lots of self care. The break was much needed, but it feels good to get my body moving…. and to be able to breathe 😳

So, I’ve seen people do weekend photo recaps and I love getting a little peak into people’s lives (nosey, much?) 

SOOOO here are some pictures of what I did this weekend!! 

Friday night: 

Went out to dinner with a friend that I haven’t gone out with in a while and it was a lot of fun to just relax! 

The salads were really good, but I didn’t add enough fillings, so it felt like I was eating just lettuce- hate that!! But the spicy tahini dressing was BOMB. Regardless, I was pretty hungry after the meal (insert ice cream/muffins/cereal combo!


Saturday morning I had brunch with the Family and then went into the city to see Avenue Q!  It was funny and a lot of fun! 

I really regret not being able to march in the Women’s March. It was strong and powerful. Watching the videos and seeing the photos was absolutely amazing. I’m still in awe. 

When we come together (both women AND men,) we can accomplish so much. I hope there will more opportunities like this where I will be able to join 💪🏼

Not my photo- from the Women’s March instagram!


I was thinking about going to Crossfit in the morning, but couldn’t fall asleep on Saturday, so I decided to skip and instead make some Kodiak pancakes! Like I said above, It’s been two full weeks since I worked out (between being sick and busy,) but you have to listen to your body! The rest was absolutely needed and I cannot wait to go back on Monday!

Ate mine with blueberries/banana/peanut butter/maple syrup 😍
I spent the day with my family going out shopping and getting lunch. Spent the night watching Shameless which is SOOO GOOD. What shows are you watching now?! 

His shirt is gold 😂

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